Somewhere in the nothingness of space, a spark, the first Stardust was born in the beginning of Time.  The spark was so powerful that it took over the nothingness and started conquering it in all directions. As the stardust grew, time followed. Time doesn’t wait for anyone because it’s in a hurry to outrun the stardust. Complete opposites, a feminine and a masculine! The two were in a contest, to outrun each other for which, both having different reasons. Time wanted to prove that it is more powerful whereas stardust knew if they both met, it would be the end. As stardust was expanding and creating a world full of wonders, time would catch up and destroy the wonders. Mother Nature we call, but entirely there is a Great Mother, Mother Universe, a child of whom we all are. Being a spec in the womb of Great Mother, we were brought to life. However, the Creator would always be forgotten in the face of the Destroyer.  As time ran across the wonders of creation, the creator itself was forgotten and time was always remembered. But one thing we should keep in mind is, time is the destroyer, the moment it catches up with the creator, everything would seize to an end.

Stardust: Feminine

Time: Masculine

You: A Child of the Stardust!

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