The Ultimate Power in The Universe

I was always fascinated by the miracles of science, its new discoveries and new inventions. I wanted to grow up to be a scientist, as I was always interested in discovering and exploring new things. My interest was always in what lies beyond average, beyond the skills and abilities of a normal human. And my … Continue reading The Ultimate Power in The Universe

Being an Intellect

The only thing that differs humans from animal is the ability to be intelligent. Where as animals follow instinct, humans have higher faculties such as perception, reason, will, imagination, memory and intuition. By making use of either one or more of these faculties, humans have achieved far beyond any other living being have achieved in … Continue reading Being an Intellect

Reprogram your Mind for Success

There is a box inside your subconscious mind which was programmed by the time you reached 7 years old. That box decides what you can do and what you cannot do, even if you think otherwise. However, there are simple ways to change the programming if you are willing to change your life. The mind … Continue reading Reprogram your Mind for Success

Live the Life you want

Hopefully, this blog will be applicable for both normal as well as mystical humans. At the end of the day, the only thing that maters is to live the life as you want, and it is easily possible. Most people live in a society which tells them what is right and wrong and what they … Continue reading Live the Life you want

Control your Karma, Control your Life

Let's get this straight, most people are now aware about the concept of manifestation whether it be through spirituality or by the concept of Law of Attraction. One of the basic principle which contributes to manifestation is energy. Back to Physics 101, two waves of equal wavelength superimposes over each other and forms a bigger … Continue reading Control your Karma, Control your Life

Fake God

My spiritual journey was short, six months long, but a very tiresome one. Throughout my journey, I understood that there is an energetic or a spiritual connection between a human and the universe. My understanding is based on the knowledge I have acquired, both spiritual and scientific, and from some personal experiences. Whatever they have … Continue reading Fake God