Somewhere in the nothingness of space, a spark, the first Stardust was born in the beginning of Time.  The spark was so powerful that it took over the nothingness and started conquering it in all directions. As the stardust grew, time followed. Time doesn’t wait for anyone because it’s in a hurry to outrun the … Continue reading Stardust

What is your Time Worth?

Have you ever calculated your time worth? If not, let's check it out. Target You need to define exactly what your goal is. Goal can be how much you want to earn in a specific time frame. Here is an example on how you can set your goal: Objective Income per month = $7000 Objective … Continue reading What is your Time Worth?

Smoking – A Short Story.

Why do people smoke even if they know the harmful effects of smoking? I've been a social smoker for a while, which means I'll smoke whenever I've got company. People always asked me why do I smoke, but I'd always tend to ignore them. One fine evening an old friend visited me. We were having … Continue reading Smoking – A Short Story.

Dashavatara – An Ancient Theory of Evolution

The tales of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu came into existence years before Darwin's Theory of Evolution, both stating somewhat the same. According to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, life began in ocean which is the exact same concept of Matsyavatara, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu which is an ocean based creature. Then as … Continue reading Dashavatara – An Ancient Theory of Evolution

Big Bang – A Spiritual View

Over the last century, people all over the world debated on the topic of creation of the Universe. The universally accepted theory is the Big Bang Theory which states that the Universe started off from a Singularity. One singularity was formed in the emptiness of space and it started to expand till date. Everything we … Continue reading Big Bang – A Spiritual View