Fake God

My spiritual journey was short, six months long, but a very tiresome one. Throughout my journey, I understood that there is an energetic or a spiritual connection between a human and the universe. My understanding is based on the knowledge I have acquired, both spiritual and scientific, and from some personal experiences. Whatever they have mentioned in the spiritual books is true, the things like manifestation, energy, astral travel and so on. But the one thing which I am not able to accept is the fact that, some spiritual context mentions that the universe is God.

First of all, the definition of God is something which cannot be comprehended by a human brain. God is the ultimate unknown and this is mentioned throughout different religions and culture across history. Initially, the concept of universe being the ultimate unknown was intriguing. I looked deeper into it, and the facts which supported it are things like manifestation. How the universe listens to what we want and in return provide us with the same, a manifestation of our thoughts into the reality.

There were other contexts in spirituality, which mentions that since our thoughts are being manipulated into reality, we are the creator of the universe and that we ourselves are God. All the consciousness in the universe is one, and each consciousness that exists in this reality becomes one with the supreme consciousness. That is the context of oneness, that all consciousness would become one. In a sense, I can agree to that, but not in the way the spiritual guys would say. The main reason which intrigued me to think otherwise is the context of thinking beyond the universe. Universe is just a box that we live in, and like every other person who thinks outside the box, so did I.

Science say that the universe may or may not have an ending. I wanted to think positive so, I always thought that the universe was infinite and would never have an ending. Science also says that, like our universe, there exists other universes in the same space, but there also I wanted to think that our universe is the only universe there is. Science again mentions about the existence of parallel universes, which exists outside the realm of time and space, again I wanted to believe there is only one time and one space. I restricted myself to the belief of only one Unknown, which is true, but I was looking at the wrong place.

All the scientists and the philosophers who said about the existence of something outside the universe, they were thinking outside the box, they were thinking beyond the universe. If universe is God, and God is something which we cannot even imagine, how can someone even think beyond the Unknown? If I can think beyond the universe(u in smaller-case and I will never use upper-case u for the universe ever again), then that universe where I live in is not God. Hence the end of my spiritual journey and the beginning of a new journey to find what God really is. But all the knowledge and experiences of my spiritual journey were not fake, I will use that wisdom in this new journey.

β€œThe reason why people believe universe is God, is because of the wisdom that comes along with spirituality. That wisdom is real, but the path is fake. A path in which they believe they know what God is.” ~ Syed Shah

12 thoughts on “Fake God

  1. Very nice conclusion.. πŸ‘πŸ‘
    The higher vibrations and energy we feel after attaining wisdom and focussing on our higher self is the SUPREME ENERGY OR GOD as people believe which can be achieved with meditation.

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  2. There is one god who control the universe and he is super powerful and test whole mankind to be in right path. Once his patience is lost he will definately collapse the whole universe. He will take us to the new world where our deeds pay us and others get their testimony.

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