Shiva the Destroyer of Kama

Lord Shiva, one of the Trinity Gods of Indian tradition, is known throughout the world as a symbol of Yoga. He is also well known for his third eye, which is an inner facing eye and opens inwards looking at ones consciousness rather than opening out like a normal eye. There are many tales relating to Him in Indian tradition and the same tales have been told in different perspectives by different people. One such story is how Shiva destroyed Kama, the God of Lust.

One day, Lord Shiva was meditating under a tree when Kama showed up and decided to play one of his tricks on the Yogi. He stood behind a tree, and shot an arrow at Shiva. Shiva was furious by this attempt made by Kama and opened his third eye. It is said that, Shiva burned Kama who was standing behind the tree with his third eye. He smeared the ashes of Kama onto his body never to let Lust touch him again. That is how the story of Shiva who can burn anything with his third eye came into picture. But there is another view of the same story in the Yogic tradition.

Kama, or lust, is not something which hides behind a tree and shoots an arrow. Kama, is ones own feeling which arises from within. Shiva learned that there is a desire which is arising inside of him and decided to get rid of it. He opened his inner eye of consciousness and burned the desire inside of him. Lust, is not associated only with sexual desires, it is any desire that deviates a person from his primary objectives. This story of Shiva basically teaches how Lord Shiva induced self control and discipline. The story was not shared to show how powerful Shiva is, in-fact, we should learn from Shiva the persistence he showed in not letting his desires win.

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