Killing Slowly

Imagine you take your mother to a hospital and the doctor saying that you have two options. You can either stop the progression of her death, or you can kill her slowly. You were given with two clear choices and choose the one to slowly kill her. How would you feel? Is it the right thing to kill her slowly as you already know she is going to die? Well, people are doing the same thing to Mother Nature. Even after knowing all the harmful facts, humans let the feeling of greed to take over. We use her, torture her, and are slowly killing her. When someone raises their voice against the mass, they are stamped as someone with a mental disorder. How long will Mother Nature tolerate the ignorance of mankind? We have witnessed her fearful nature multiple times in the past, and are expecting more in the future. The fearfulness was greater with every time she got angry. What awaits for us in the future depends on how we are willing to treat her.

9 thoughts on “Killing Slowly

  1. Knowingly or unknowingly we are slowly injecting the poison to the mother nature. Mother nature holds us tight on her lap and gives warmth of life. As long as she is alive till the last breath she will take care us. Some times she feel sick and her sickness is easily seen in the form of earth quake and sunami. But still she balances us,keeps us un hurt, Because her nature is caring us un conditionally. But we act as step children and always harm her. God said the heaven is under the feet of mother nature treat her with empathy and give sympathy of love which internally keeps us alive.


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