The recent outbreak of Corona throughout the world is a man made epidemic which has nothing to do with bio-war. COVID-19 is a novel corona virus which means its entirely new to us. So far we had knowledge of only 6 corona viruses like SARS and MERS and COVID-19 is the seventh one. Like most other viruses COVID-19 is a RNA based and needs a host to be active and multiply. So how was this new virus formed? The virus evolved as a result of global climatic change. Each and every creature on earth evolves based on its environment and so does viruses. The current global temperature is prone to the evolution of such viruses.The recent outbreak with its epicenter in Wuhan, China is only a first of the many. The next one may be in the near or far future.

Mother Earth is cleansing the cancer which is torturing her. She is wise and knows what actions to take during hard times. This one instance has shook the entire population of the world. Literally every means of pollution has been halted to an extend throughout the world. This is more than enough for mother nature to put back the environmental stability into orderliness. We can already see the a decline in atmospheric pollution causing gases. Another example is the fact that this virus was transferred from animal to human and from human to human at an alarming rate. This shows that how prone humans are to viruses which originates from animals. And my point is, if viruses can originate from one animal, there is a possibility that it can originate from any other animal as well. During the era where the number of animals being slaughtered to satisfy human greed reached sky high, there is a possibility in decline of animal product consumption including diary.

Like the white blood cells in human body, which protects us from different diseases, Mother Nature also has different methods to protect herself. Every time we hurt her, she replies in the form of virus outbreaks and natural calamities. Humans are not giving the respect she deserves but still, instead of wiping us all out she punishes us. However, humans do not recognise the mistakes made and pursue their greed and back to torture. This is an endless cycle until one decides to completely destroy the other. Mother killing her child or the child killing the mother, either way it would not be a satisfying ending. Or may be there is another way, and you need to choose that.