Dead Soul: Chapter 2

Link to: Dead Soul: Chapter 1 As those freaking eyes stared at me, I sensed a feeling of guilt rushing down my body. It felt that all the guilt I had was rushing out from the core of my soul, filling me up with the pleasure of guilt. Am I being tortured for all the … Continue reading Dead Soul: Chapter 2

Killing Slowly

Imagine you take your mother to a hospital and the doctor saying that you have two options. You can either stop the progression of her death, or you can kill her slowly. You were given with two clear choices and choose the one to slowly kill her. How would you feel? Is it the right … Continue reading Killing Slowly

Quote: Inner Peace

When you understand yourself, you will find true inner peace.Whether it be happiness, peace or anything else, no one will give it to you. If you ask someone for happiness, they will ask you back for the same. Happiness, Peace or any other emotion is just a state of mind. Just as you know that … Continue reading Quote: Inner Peace