Yin Yang

No one is born perfect in this world. A perfect born person would be an absolute soul. But for those who are born without an absolute soul, would seek to complete their missingness. That is the quality that we seek in a soulmate. A piece of you within them which incompletes them, and a piece … Continue reading Yin Yang

Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is a modern theory which says whatever you create in your mind gets manifested into reality. When you search for it on google, you will get tons of people who have used this theory to make their life better, in a superstitious way. It describes that if you spend enough time and … Continue reading Law of Attraction

Dashavatara – An Ancient Theory of Evolution

The tales of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu came into existence years before Darwin's Theory of Evolution, both stating somewhat the same. According to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, life began in ocean which is the exact same concept of Matsyavatara, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu which is an ocean based creature. Then as … Continue reading Dashavatara – An Ancient Theory of Evolution