Dashavatara – An Ancient Theory of Evolution

The tales of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu came into existence years before Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, both stating somewhat the same. According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, life began in ocean which is the exact same concept of Matsyavatara, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu which is an ocean based creature. Then as time passed, the aquatic based organisms noticed that there is an abundance of food in the land, and they started to live in land as well. This is the transition from water based creatures to amphibians, which is the Kurmavatara – an amphibian. Then comes in the Varahavatara – a boar, which is a purely land based creature, and this is the next stage of evolution of life. In His fourth Avatar, Lord Vishnu is being portrayed as Narasimhavatara, a creature which is neither human nor animal, however, can walk on two legs – a transition to human state from animal.

Over the period of evolution, man has gone through different transitions to reach the form today. These transitions can be learnt from the next Avatars of Lord Vishnu. Vamana – being represented as a dwarf with intelligence, which can be related to the early stages of neanderthals. Parasurama – being represented as a wild human being with excellent huntsman-ship but living in the Jungle. Parasurama can be related to the early stage of man where man started to use tools and hunts for a living. The Avatar of Sri Ram, is being depicted as a perfect human and not as a God in the Valmiki Ramayana(Original Ramayana). Although only having the perfect resemblance of a human, the moral value was not perfect for this Avatar. The same can be seen in the early stages of human life where man started to live in a society, but still not socialised enough. There are different theories on who the next Avatars of Lord Vishnu is, however anyone you consider will be a perfect being with all features of a human along with all the moral values that comes along with it if not more powerful than a normal human.

The question which arises is how did our Great Indian Philosophers came to know about these concepts? Were they truly enlightened by Brahman, the Supreme Consciousness? Was our scientific knowledge much greater than what we had thought? Was these tales purely out of their imaginations? Or was it some sort of alien conspiracy?

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