Smoking – A Short Story.

Why do people smoke even if they know the harmful effects of smoking? I’ve been a social smoker for a while, which means I’ll smoke whenever I’ve got company. People always asked me why do I smoke, but I’d always tend to ignore them.

One fine evening an old friend visited me. We were having a casual conversation when I asked if he wanted to smoke, offering him a cigarette. I always kept a pack of cigarettes with me. It’s been a while since we’d caught up and he said he don’t smoke. He asked me, “You know what this is, you know all the facts and harmful effects of cigarettes. Why do you still smoke after knowing all these?” I was shocked to hear such a long and passionate question from him. He continued, “What do you get out smoking? I know you will get a small buzz out of it, but that’s it. There is nothing else you will get out of it.”

At that particular moment, for first time ever in my life, I’ve asked the same same question to myself in my mind. “Why do I smoke even after knowing all the harmful effects of smoking?” That was a moment of a self realization. I didn’t have any answer to that question. After that moment, every time I look at the cigarette packet lying there on my table, every time I have the urge to pick it up, my subconscious mind asks me that question, “Why do I want to smoke?”.

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