Prayer – A belief

When you are praying, what do you usually ask for? You ask what you want right? And when it actually happens, you would say that God has made your wish come true. In a sense, this is true. When you are praying, and when you really want something, you will put your heart and effort for that want during your prayers. When you think about what you want all the time, you will see glimpses of the same happening in your life. Consider the case of buying a new car. When you have decided the brand and model of the car, and starts thinking about it, there are chances of you seeing the same car more often in your day to day life. Universe is made up of energy and so is our mind and body. Recent breakthrough in science has revealed that the building block of our body is not cells, but energy. No matter if you believe in Religion or Science, both states that everything started with a Singularity. We are all connected to the universe in some way or the other. When we ask for something during a prayer, we need to feel it. We need to go into a meditative state, where we are conveying all our wants to the other side. When you feel what you want, the basic building block, which is energy vibrates to your thoughts and pass those vibrations to the Universe. The Universe recognize what you want and gifts it to you. But this doesn’t mean that you can simply go and ask however you want. Remember, there are two way to recite a poem, either you feel it or you don’t.

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