They See Through Me

It was past 11 in the night, I was sitting on my bed, playing my guitar. My mom called me downstairs, I placed my guitar on the bed, turned OFF the fan and went downstairs. I may have spent some time with her playing with Daisy, my puppy, a crossbreed of German Shepard, and Rottweiler. … Continue reading They See Through Me

The Black Pendant

My journey was filled with all sort of unusual experiences, some good, some bad. But I had never written about any of them, until one day I decided to write about it. The idea just came to me, may be because of that old pendant I found. I unintentionally came across it while going through … Continue reading The Black Pendant

Young Beauty – Short Story

He grabbed her while she was walking down the street. Past dusk, the street looked dark with little light from the lamps placed at long distances. He spelled his magic over her ear and her eyes sparkled the blue of lust. He whispered how he wanted to feel her silky skin while running his finger … Continue reading Young Beauty – Short Story