Young Beauty – Short Story

He grabbed her while she was walking down the street. Past dusk, the street looked dark with little light from the lamps placed at long distances. He spelled his magic over her ear and her eyes sparkled the blue of lust. He whispered how he wanted to feel her silky skin while running his finger over her navel. He whispered how he wanted to feel different parts of her young beauty, while feeling them. Confused in the amazement, little did she know more seducers where waiting for her down the street. Then out of the shadows, pushing aside the seducer, suddenly came a heroic figure in a flame cloak, who goes by the name Merlin. The girl was freed from the dark spell and Merlin cast a new one on her. The young beauty was turned into a wicked witch and the seducers hated to lay their eyes on her. She looked back and was amused to see the figure had disappeared. She continued walking down the street, unaware of what happened. Where the seducers saw a wicked witch, Merlin saw a young beauty under the illusion of a wicked witch.

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