The Black Pendant

My journey was filled with all sort of unusual experiences, some good, some bad. But I had never written about any of them, until one day I decided to write about it. The idea just came to me, may be because of that old pendant I found. I unintentionally came across it while going through my old stuff. It was something that I had bought from some random shop. A black pendant with black beads threaded in silky black thread and at the end, you would have this rectangular black piece with the symbol of peace portrayed deep in its centre. It was not something that I would wear anymore, but I decided to wear it anyway, even after having all those freaky feelings inside of me.

It was around 9 PM when I finally found to write my first experience with the supernatural, a horror story you can say. I like to sit in the dark, so I closed the door, turned off all the lights, kept my laptop on my bed with me sitting on the floor. The room filled with darkness and the only thing visible was my front due to the light from the laptop screen. I usually hear the brown noise on my headphone while writing. It’s the sound of rain or sea which cuts you off from all other noise from outside, and leaves my mind on a peaceful state with no disturbance.

I must have completed one paragraph when suddenly I heard a loud thunderous noise from behind, inside my locked room. I held my breath and thought, I had the earphones on with loud music and yet I could feel the intensity of that noise in my heart. I decided not to give it a shot and continued writing, with my ears aware of the noise outside the headphone. As I continued writing cautiously, thoughts went through my mind. Does the supernatural beings which surrounds me doesn’t want them exposed? Are they showing me signs that they exist? Or are they preying on my fear, trying to convert my soul into their meal? As fear rushed through my body, my heart kept on beating at an accelerating pace, I felt like if I don’t bring it under control my heart would explode. As I follow the meditation lifestyle, it is easier for me to shift from one thought to another. So I took a deep breath, cleared my mind, and completed my story peacefully.

When I turned on the light, I saw that the huge briefcase which was placed at the edge of the wardrobe had fallen down. However natural it seems, the briefcase had always been there, untouched. What are the odds that it fell down on the exact same moment when I was writing my first ever horror story? When I checked with my parents, who were sitting on the main hall which my room is connected to, they never heard any sound. That may be the reason why they didn’t check in on. I know the intensity that I felt when the briefcase fell down, it was as if someone very huge and powerful threw the briefcase on the ground.

I didn’t spend much time thinking about, as it is something which I come across on a daily basis. After publishing the story, and reading feedback from my readers, I was ready to sleep. As I closed my eyes, I could feel a pain on my chest. A pleasurous pain which relaxed my body, and started expanding like a lightning bolt, but slowly flowing like water. The pain was coming from the pendant which I had forgotten to take off, but when did I put it on in the first place? Cautiously lying there, aware of what was happening, I took a deep breath promising myself, never to take off the pendant, as I didn’t want it to fall into weak hands.

When you acknowledge it, even your deepest fear becomes your best friend” ~ Syed Shah

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