They See Through Me

It was past 11 in the night, I was sitting on my bed, playing my guitar. My mom called me downstairs, I placed my guitar on the bed, turned OFF the fan and went downstairs. I may have spent some time with her playing with Daisy, my puppy, a crossbreed of German Shepard, and Rottweiler. She is a bit under a year old, but she has all the masculine features of any deadly dog, strong! I have to spend a lot of energy to keep her under control while we are playing. After the discussion with mom, I went back upstairs and daisy followed me. I turned ON the light, went straight to my guitar, and started playing it.

After playing a couple of notes, I noticed the continuous bark of Daisy. She used to bark when she notices something, but not inside my room at least. When I looked at her, she was actually barking at the ceiling fan, which was slowly coming to a halt. At first glance, it may have been due to the force which the fan was spinning earlier. But it’s been some time since I turned it OFF and went downstairs, how can it still be spinning? While I was looking at it, I felt that two empty dark eyes were staring at me. It was like a little black devil, hanging on the fan and just looking at me like it is expecting something from me. What is it expecting, what does it want me to do?

After finding that Black Pendant, which I never remove, I’ve been experiencing some more weird supernatural stuff. It is allowing me to see, hear, and feel things that are unusual for other humans, but I’m not like any other human. Things like this don’t surprise me anymore, I’m used to it. I decided to skip the thought and get some sleep. When I closed my eyes, I felt as my room was filled with little devils, some standing beside my bed, some standing on the pillow next to me, some watching me from under the chair, some from the top of the cupboard, and some just floating over my body staring right at my face, while my eyes were closed.

What are they looking at? I felt that they were actually staring at my eyes. They wanted me to open my eyes. But I know they are there, that they are staring at me, and they also know that. Then why would they want me to open my eyes? What if they can’t see like I do? What if they want me to open my eyes and want to see what I am seeing? Or what if, I am actually seeing what they want me to see?

“The more I looked into darkness, the more it became darker.” ~ Syed Shah

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