Infinite Knowledge

It is a very common fact that human body is made up of atoms. If we go deeper, we can find electrons, and if we dig even deeper, we will find energy. And in the space this energy exist, there are multiple probabilities of existence an empty space in it. Basically my entire body is created from this empty space. When you look at it, the beings that we are in this realm is energy occupying an empty space, manifesting itself into a being which can exist in this realm.

When you look into the universe, no matter whether it is science or spirituality or religions, everything mentions that the universe was created from an empty space. Science says that the universe itself was born as an energy, and then later this energy got manifested into matter which you now perceive as the universe. In a way, both universe and my body works in the same way, both has a start and end. But one end leads to many new beginnings.

We can see in nature that when a tree or an animal dies, it becomes energy for things around it, some may feed on it, some may wait for the proteins to mix with the soil. Life doesn’t really end, it just keeps on going, in one form or another. And human beings are said to be the only beings with a consciousness or a soul, which mean our life doesn’t continue in this realm. It will carry on to another realm, where it may or may not manifest a form.

If the universe and my body is made up the same way, was it made by the same creator? Is the creator beyond the perception of our universe? And if the universe is built the same way body is built, like all the spiritual books had mentioned, to understand the universe, do I need to look into myself? Is my body an infinite realm which expands deep into the emptiness? Is there infinite knowledge within my body itself?

“Infinity is a big number, to understand it thy must start from thyself!” ~ Syed Shah

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