Untold Prayers

Humans have the power to manifest desires into reality. The things which we see around from a pen to a spaceship, is a thought which someone had on their mind. Some put great efforts to manifest their thoughts while some other go along with the flow of the universe. Whether they get it with or without any effort, what happens in their life is what they have always wished for. Some people call it God, some other call it Law of Attraction, and some others say hard work and dedication. Whichever way, methods to manifest our thoughts into reality has been passed down for thousands of years. However, when we call upon the materialistic or non-materialistic universal powers to help us, we only focus on our major desires and often forget the little things.

Here is the best part, even without asking for anything, we may end up with receiving something we have always wanted, or something which we would make us happy. May it be winning a lottery, or meeting someone special or even an escape from a near death experience, we call it as luck. What are the chances that luck gives me the exact same thing which makes me happy? There are many things which happens to me naturally, but the only things which I call as luck are the ones which makes me happy. And what I like is not the same as what you like. There may be experiences in my life which didn’t make me happy, but if you were there, you would have been happy and thus lucky. My luck is what makes me happy, my untold prayers!

Luck is basically when we experience the unexpected, but somewhere deep down inside, we may have always wished for it to happen. How can what I wished for and what makes me happy manifests just like that? Is my subconscious mind manifesting into reality the things which it want? Or is there a guardian angel who looks after me and grants my wishes? But I never spoke of such wishes to anyone. Are they looking into my mind and making them come true? Or is my life already filled with the happiness of my untold prayers and I never noticed them?

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