Untold Prayers

Humans have the power to manifest desires into reality. The things which we see around from a pen to a spaceship, is a thought which someone had on their mind. Some put great efforts to manifest their thoughts while some other go along with the flow of the universe. Whether they get it with or … Continue reading Untold Prayers

The Supreme Consciousness of Love

Love is an unconditional satisfaction, the more we receive the more we will be satisfied. We live in this world just so that we can get more love; from our parents, friends, and from that special one. It is wrong to expect love, if you are not ready to give it out as well. In … Continue reading The Supreme Consciousness of Love

Emotional Mind and it’s influence over human body.

We have often seen people relate health to state of mind. If someone is happy, we would see them as healthy and if someone seems sad, we can definitely see that in their body language as well. This is the impact that your emotional mind has on your body. Those of you have felt happiness … Continue reading Emotional Mind and it’s influence over human body.