What does it feel like after death? Is there life after it? Or would that be it? These are the questions which kept me away from doing something stupid. If I had a positive answer to these questions, I may have already done it while having those powerful impulses. Fear in a sense kept me … Continue reading Suicide


Our brain decided what our life was so far. It sets a filter to protect it and ourselves from harm. If it process on everything it perceived, then the work load would be too much and it will have a breakdown. The filter is set by the brain, however we decide how it should work. … Continue reading Life

Emotional Mind and it’s influence over human body.

We have often seen people relate health to state of mind. If someone is happy, we would see them as healthy and if someone seems sad, we can definitely see that in their body language as well. This is the impact that your emotional mind has on your body. Those of you have felt happiness … Continue reading Emotional Mind and it’s influence over human body.