Dear God,

When I first heard about the last words of a young boy in Syria, I thought it was a reaction from a life in agony. Today when I came across the same words, the sudden thought left me silenced for a moment. His words were, “I will tell God everything”. What may he had told to God?

“Dear God,

I had not eaten for days, they dump food in garbage

I had no water to drink, they intoxicate water

I wanted a home for myself, they want to stay away from it

I was not given the joy of schooling, they want it to shutdown

I breath smoke and dust, they pollute air

I’ve never seen a pet animal, they torture it for their desires

I wanted to live, they killed me.”

“Dear God,

Why did you make me die and let them live?

God smiled and said

“Dear Son,

I may have brought you to heaven.

But I have brought the hell to them!”

Image Credits: Unknown!

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