Zombie Plague

Similar to the chances of having a natural calamity or a nuclear war, there were chances of having a zombie plague as well. But no one expected such a science fiction movie to happen in real life. People infected lost consciousness and let their basic instinct to take over, the powerful desire for hunger. They would consume anything in their path including humans. These creatures doesn’t look anything like you’ve seen in movies, they are rather humans with abnormal abilities. The difference is that their blood is black and they behave like animals. There are only two choices, either be infected/eaten by them or hide under the shadows and survive.

It all started when the Space Union, the joint venture of all Nations decided to bring back an ancient rock from Mars which they believed was part of some ancient Martian civilization. The rock was well quarantined, however people who were working with it were infected with the alien bacteria. It was only after the first wave of zombies which wiped out the entire city of New York, when everyone came to know about the threat at large. World military and experts from all fields of science tried their best to stand against it, but it was alien and unknown to humanity. All efforts to stop the widespread went in vein as man realized that this was something invited to his home by himself, FROM ANOTHER PLANET!

The last recorded ratio of zombies to humans was 10000:1, and after that there was no news about the reports nor the reporter. All global communications, including radio halted, there were no more receiving signals. The lucky ones who survived are living like rats hiding from humans. However, there was one last message received which keeps us going. The terrestrial  bacteria are fighting off against the non-terrestrial bacteria. That was about 400 days ago and no updates on it ever since. However, there were no new reported cases about the infection, at least that we know of. Who knows, like the movie War of the Worlds, we may be saved by some bacteria which we never acknowledged. We may survive this zombie apocalypse together.

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