An early morning I was taking my usual hot shower when out of nowhere an acute pain ran down my spine. I wanted to call out for help but it was too late as I lost my consciousness. When I slowly regained it, I was surrounded by a dark and transparent water. I could clearly see how deep it was in all directions, However, I was not able to see or feel my body, it was just me drifting in the black water. I was not moving on my own, or rather, it was like I was being pulled towards something.

After what it felt like eons, I finally saw a light towards which I was being pulled to. As it approached closer, it turned into a colourful spiral, something similar to the one that gets you hypnotized. Entering the spiral tunnel, I saw that it was nothing solid, all wavy and I recognized colors that I didnโ€™t even realized existed.

As I was being pulled towards the centre, I heard a voice. Not just one, I could hear uncountable number of voices in my consciousness. It was like the tunnel was whispering all of my previous lives memories into me and also a few from my next life as well. I could completely recollect who I am and what I am.

As Iโ€™m approaching towards the centre of the spiral tunnel, I slowly feel my consciousness dissipating. I know that the moment I lose my consciousness, the memories shared with me will also vanish, including my current one. I will not be the same person from any of my past lives. However, I do have one assurance, that this is not the end. I would be reborn as someone else, something.. else!

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