Today we have scientific methods to teach our brains how to love. Wow! Most of us are a result of love. For others, they are a result of a different process. Life itself was created as a result of love. Even when we call it as Gods love or the chemical love between lightning and water, life was created. It took years of evolutionary process for us to be here. Biologically we define love as a result of hormones generated in our body. Philosophically we define it as something completely different. Human beings are the only creatures who can experience the full potential of love. It would be unjust to love if one would say that love is an emotion or they were not successful with it. It cannot be contained in words, love is supposed to be felt. It is what one sees outside and experiences inside.

My conclusion:- Love cannot be explained in terms of scientific, biologic, philosophic or emotional processes. Love is unconditional, it is Universal!

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