What is your Time Worth?

Have you ever calculated your time worth? If not, let’s check it out.


You need to define exactly what your goal is. Goal can be how much you want to earn in a specific time frame. Here is an example on how you can set your goal:

Objective Income per month = $7000

Objective Time to earn that income = 3 Years

Days working per month = 20

Hours working per day = 8


Income per day = 7000/20 = $350

Income per hour = 350/8 = $43.75

You just calculated the value of your time. As per this example, 1 Hr ~= $44

If someone was to wait for 3 years to reach this objective and then want to utilise the time accordingly, they will be wasting almost $1.2 Million worth of time.

Now you know the worth of our time you will be wasting if you are not to start acting now. If you are willing to pay for others services (their time worth) and not ready to accept the fact that your time also has a worth, you just wasted your time.