Lurking around the corners of different business ideas, I finally had the guts to get into one. Without any previous experience or knowledge, I jumped into the unknown. What made the push was the ideas inside my head. Ideas, which were always there. It never came into the world, because I was not willing to let them into it. The ideas, the powerful ones which always lurked inside my head, were hindered by the lust of my body. My body not listening to the powerful ideas of my mind. Whether it be small or big, I always allowed my body to do whatever it wanted. But times have changed, if I can take control of my mind, I am surely be able to take a control of my body. And hence, the ideas started coming into existence.

Money, which I considered the biggest investment, was easy to obtain when the mind was put on it. The initial investment, which I invested without any returns, for a sake of my mind, where I can be at peace, knowing that my mind can finally rest now that the foundations have been laid. Now since money is out of the picture, what should I think about next? Well how to get the money back, by spending time behind it. So I allocated a huge lurk of my time, for the different marketing strategies, long term plans, extension plans and so on. Everything was layed out, like a blueprint. Ok, so time and money is out of the picture, what’s next?

I turned out to be a fool to realize it last, that time and money were not even close to the most crucial thing, effort is. The effort I took to invest the money, the effort I took to spend the time behind it. This effort is the first step you take, the foundation itself was laid when you decided to invest, in your mind. Your mind is your greatest tool, it takes decisions for you. Even there, the initial investment is the effort you put to take a decision.

“Money is not the only investment, there is time along with it. But the greatest investment is effort. When effort flows freely, time and money comes along with it.” ~ Syed Shah

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