Humans beings are born with ability to communicate. If you are in the middle of the jungle, and you see an arrow pointing to the right, it is very easy for you to understand that the way is to the right. Whether it be signs or symbols, we can understand as well as communicate the same to anyone around us.

As humans evolved, they have introduced many methods of communication, from vocal communication to hand written documents to computer documents. Our basic survival depends on communication, whether it be the need for food, education or even sex! Without proper communication, it is not possible to get any of the above. Even the software used in mobile phones and computers are commands typed in by the creator of that software. In a way, they are also communicating to us, how can we make our life simpler. Are these communication limited just to software?

Take an example of a pencil. It was one of many random ideas that came to a person. They then put the idea into work and introduced it into the materialistic world. Now look at your smartphone, it is a collection of ideas from one or more people introduced to you. In a perspective of its creator, he has communicated his idea to you. Now if you look at anything around you, from a ceiling fan, to a computer, to a motor vehicle, everything are ideas which were communicated to you.

Telepathy is a communication of ideas, and the best part is, it will exist across time and space! No matter where, if there is a conscious mind and as long as it is able to perceive the idea of the object, they have received a telepathic communication, irrespective of the person who created the idea. And we, humans, knowingly or unknowingly, may are communicating our ideas to everyone who exists and are going to exist. Our ideas or thoughts are very powerful. Even if exists inside our mind, we influence our lives with it, and in effect influence others with it. Now, if I’m having negative thoughts, am I influencing just myself or everyone around me as well? Meditate guys… 😉

You feel that buzzing in your head? That’s my telepathic communication to you!” ~ Syed Shah: The Psychic!

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