For most part of my life I was searching for a blackboard in the sky with my name written on it. It would say when I was born, what I was, what I am and what I will be, my Destiny. It would be based on the circumstances I grew up and choices others had to make for me. I would also have no power over it, as it was written by God himself. However, later on I realized that I’m the author of my Universe.

My universe is basically the reality which I have made up in my mind. Each and every moment I’d experienced as a human is stored in my brain as information. My mind is just a program to read this information and process it however it wants. Now imagine a machine which process information without a guidance? For example, if there exists a machine which plays only sad songs, would it play a joyful song unless someone programs it to do otherwise? And if I have full control over what to play, I can even play “Sex and Drugs” because no one is there to judge, it’s my mind! If I want my story to win a Bookers prize, I should write it like prize winner. My story should not be a destructive one where at the end, if I don’t get what I want, why did I write it in the first place?

And if I know I’m the God in my story, why should I not behave like one? As Powerful like a King, as Loyal like a Friend!

Start writing your own destiny, what exactly are you waiting for? Something to happen like you watch in those movies? Were those movies written by you?” ~ Syed Shah

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