A Good Teacher

It’s not a teachers’ duty to spread knowledge. A Teacher is a guide for the pupils. Take a classroom of 60 students for example. If a teacher says, “If ten of them can understand my methods, the rest should also try.”. Do you logically think that this statement is right? A Teacher should ensure that all of their pupils are guided the right way. By guiding the right way, I meant that they should not teach that Shahjahan cut off the hands of 20,000 workers after building the Taj Mahal. Thats what they taught me in school. But if you really have a look at it, its just a myth. Cutting the hands of 20,000 people is a massacre itself and would have left a notable mark in history. Guiding just a handful of pupils from an entire classroom is an easy task. But the real task is to guide the entire classroom, and that, makes a good Teacher!

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