Big Bang – A Spiritual View

Over the last century, people all over the world debated on the topic of creation of the Universe. The universally accepted theory is the Big Bang Theory which states that the Universe started off from a Singularity. One singularity was formed in the emptiness of space and it started to expand till date. Everything we see and cannot see was all created by one tiny dot in space, Energy, which radiated throughout the vast emptiness. If this is what Science has to say about our creation, aren’t we all created from one Singularity? Aren’t we all part of the same Energy?

This is the same concept they follow in different Religions. Everything is connected to the Creator, everything started from Him and ends with Him. Just imagine, what would happen if the source of the Energy suddenly runs out? There is another theory which says about the End of the Universe. The Universe as we know itself would be halted, all life-forces will vanish and everything would be seized to nothing. So, as long as this Energy continues to flow, we all are connected to each other. The material body, which we once believed was made up of atoms, are now been broken down into Energy. It’s just that, we all have different frequencies. Everything, living and non, have different frequencies. What we feel, what we express, what we think, everything is energy vibrating at its own frequency.