Even today, human evolution is still a mystery as science unveils out of the world properties of our DNA. There have been many theories to the evolutionary process, but none have been proved so far. The following is purely an imaginary sci-fi evolution of man.

One fine night in the ancient past, a meteor travelling from a distant universe, carrying frozen bacteria crash landed on the landmass, today known as Europe. The landing was at an angle such that the meteor slid along the surface of the earth rather than making a large crater and ended up within the colony of the most intelligent being, apes. They were terrified to approach the foreign object, but one brave ape was curious to find out what the glowing orb was. She walked down to the object while the rest stood watching. As she came closer, she felt the pleasant warmth that was being radiated from it and at a particular moment, she realized that she could no longer get any closer because of the heat. She decided to walk away, but it was too late by then. She was close enough for the alien bacteria to enter her system.

Morning after, out of curiosity she went back to the meteor. To her surprise, the other apes had already made the large object their playing field. As the heat from the meteor cooled down, and the bacteria came in contact with earth’s atmosphere, they perished and none of the other apes were infected. Unknowingly carrying the alien bacteria in her system, she was conceived and gave birth to a hairless wonder, the first of its kind. This new being showed all the features of an ape, the only difference being that he was hairless. Although not the perfect human, this new being showed potential far greater than that of any ape. Why? The aliens DNA of course. Not too soon, his mother passed away and the other apes took him in. Tarzan! Not exactly.

As he grew older, the other apes started to follow him. The strength and wisdom of the half ape, half something else was much greater than any ape had ever seen. His actions were like magic to them and his creations wonder. He built the first ever society on Earth and no other family of apes stood a chance against his own. His family of apes became the dominant creatures on earth and as time went by, he became a father to another hairless wonder.

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