Truth, a lie?

           What is truth? People always explain truth with simple examples like when you state facts, it become truth. But truth is not as simple as that. There is no such thing as universal truth. A truth for you may not be the same for me. Why? Let’s see with just a simple example where this can be understood.

            Let’s consider three people sitting in a room. One of them is an atheist and other two are from different communities with different religious beliefs. If the atheist starts to explain that there is no God and the facts that proves it, and states that this is the truth, do you think that the other two will agree with him? The other two will state that he is wrong and God does exist, as for them, that is the truth. But then again, it’s not the same truth. Even though both of them state that God does exist, God is different for both of them.

            Truth is a man-made concept and like everything else, it has its own flaws. We are made up of different genes and have a particular past, sometimes good and sometimes bad. The result is our own unique perspective of viewing this world. Even if everyone listens to the same song, read the same book or smell the same flower, these are not actually the same books, flowers or songs because what we actually read, hear and smell is our own interpretation based on our personal memories and imagination. Each book, each song and each flower is different for different person. Everything is a matter of perspective, so when we say it’s good or that’s bad, it’s purely  based on our personal subjective point of view. Sometimes it’s better to be quite and listen. If someone is sad or angry, we could try to imagine how the world looks from that persons point of view and maybe we can see what they see and develop compassion. May be there is a right or wrong, good or evil, but maybe there isn’t. May be all there is compassion and ignorance. Until proved right or wrong, let’s be compassionate to each other.

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